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Agra D'pirka

Learning for everyone.

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Agra D'Pirka at a Glance

Agra D'Pirka's founder, Ezra Klein noticed that people were learning daily in many different locations in the Flatbush neighborhood . He witnessed people scattered about without a structured environment. He believed that with the proper structure, hundreds of people would find new meaning to their weekday mornings in the precincts of  Torah. And so, Agra D'Pirka was born.


  Agra D'Pirka is geared to local professionals, business owners, college-age students, retirees, and anyone else interested in serious limud haTorah. The basic structure of this kollel includes a blatt shiur given by a preeminent magid shiur from approximately 9:15 to 10:15 in the morning. After a short break, there is a second shiur given by various magidei shiur on a weekly rotation. Simultaneously, there are many private chavrusas who join the kollel to take advantage of the kol haTorah resonating in the bais medrash.

     We strive to take care of our members' spiritual needs. Similarly, we take care of their morning dietary needs. A light breakfast is served at all our locations. Wraps and Danishes are served, along with coffee and drinks. 


    Come try out one of our eleven locations. Ta'amu Ureu ki tov Hashem.

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Flatbush, Boro Park, Queens, Lakewood, Miami Beach, Williamsburg, Baltimore, Monsey Morning, Monsey Evening, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton 



Knesses Bais Avigdor
1720 Avenue J
Brooklyn NY, 11230


Boro Park

K'hal Yismach Moshe Nirbator
5021 16th Avenue

Brooklyn NY, 11204



Khal Nachlas Yitzchak
141-43 73rd Avenue

Queens NY, 11367

Lakewood picture New.png


Kehillas Kodesh Kol Chaim

618 Caranetta Dr,

Lakewood, NJ 08701

Miami BEach Community Kollel.PNG

Miami Beach

Miami Beach Community Kollel

3767 Chase Avenue Miami Beach, Florida 33140



Cong. Yetev Lev D' Satmar

13 Hooper Street

Brooklyn, NY 11249



Khal Ahavas Yisroel Tzemach Tzedek​​​

6811 Park Heights Ave,

Baltimore, MD 21215

Monsey Fountainview.PNG

Monsey Morning


2000 Fountainview Drive, 

Monsey NY, 10952

Northern Metropolitan Residential.JPG

Monsey Evening

Northern Metropolitan Residential

225 Maple Ave, Monsey, NY 10952


West Palm Beach

Congregation Aitz Chaim
2518 North Havervill, West Palm Beach, FL

Agra D'Pirka in the news

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Boca Outside.JPG

Boca Raton

Agra D’Pirka in conjunction

with the Boca Raton Kollel

7301A W. Palmetto Park Rd.

Suite 106C | Boca Raton, FL

(Directly behind the Young Israel)


R' Ezra, חודא a short note of thanks:

I am שבאושךךט a big בעל חוב; I owe tremendous Hakoras Hatov to you and your שלוחים for the opportunities you have given me these past 3+ years. And with the greatest respect and appreciation. What a truly humbling experience!

But this Motzei Shabbos's event is deserving of a special thank you. I am 44 yrs old, and I can probably count on 1 hand how many times I've had the privilege to partake in an event like that; כולו כבוד התורה ולומדיה. What a wonderful feeling it was to be present, no other function, no other venue, just a burst of other-worldly happiness over a magnificent accomplishment. Thank you. 

Sitting at the program I overheard 2 separate conversations in which people were asked "did you finish ברכות", to which they both answered "no, we are not part of the שיעור". When asked why they were there, they both responded "I am trying to convince my ...... to come"!

אשרי חלקכם, ויהי רצון המלמד תורה לעמו שישלם פעלך הטוב בכפלים, ויקויים בך ובכל הנלוים אחריך כל האמור בעוסקים בצרכי צבור באמונה.

המברך באהבה, 

ישראל יעקב קאפלאן

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