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R' Ezra, חודא a short note of thanks:

I am שבאושךךט a big בעל חוב; I owe tremendous Hakoras Hatov to you and your שלוחים for the opportunities you have given me these past 3+ years. And with the greatest respect and appreciation. What a truly humbling experience!

But this Motzei Shabbos's event is deserving of a special thank you. I am 44 yrs old, and I can probably count on 1 hand how many times I've had the privilege to partake in an event like that; כולו כבוד התורה ולומדיה. What a wonderful feeling it was to be present, no other function, no other venue, just a burst of other-worldly happiness over a magnificent accomplishment. Thank you. 

Sitting at the program I overheard 2 separate conversations in which people were asked "did you finish ברכות", to which they both answered "no, we are not part of the שיעור". When asked why they were there, they both responded "I am trying to convince my ...... to come"!

אשרי חלקכם, ויהי רצון המלמד תורה לעמו שישלם פעלך הטוב בכפלים, ויקויים בך ובכל הנלוים אחריך כל האמור בעוסקים בצרכי צבור באמונה.

המברך באהבה, 

ישראל יעקב קאפלאן

I am a 74 year old retired accountant.  I am thankful for the Kew Gardens Hills Agra D'pirka for expanding my learning and giving me mussar and chizuk.  Equally important, it gives me a chance for socialization with very nice people.
I just wanted to express my hakoras hatov.

Heading 2

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